Build timeline

A step-by-step record of each stage involved in building our London24,¬† from securing land to moving in! Land procurement and home selection timeline: May 2015: Pay initial deposit to secure land. Jan 2016: Pay initial deposit Porter Davis for the London 24. Mar 2016: Land titled and settled. 17 Mar 2016: Porter Davis World of… Continue reading Build timeline

Week 3 -4 to 8 July 2016

The slab has arrived! This week started a little disappointingly¬† with the promised slab pour set for Monday delayed due to rain. Interestingly, Monday was a gorgeously sunny day and our neighbour’s slab pour went ahead, but PD delayed ours, presumably because of the wet weather forecast for the rest of the week. We had… Continue reading Week 3 -4 to 8 July 2016

Week 2 – 26 June to 1 July

Well, this was certainly a week of messy progress, but certainly progress nonetheless! I first drove past our block on Sunday afternoon, even though I’d been past on Friday evening, and lo and behold, some work had taken place over the weekend. The site had large holes bored throughout, I assume for the concrete piers… Continue reading Week 2 – 26 June to 1 July

Week 1 (20-25 June 2016)

Well, it was the first official week of our build and Melbourne turned on the crappy winter weather in all its glory! With so many rainy days, I wasn’t actually expecting to see much progress on our block. However, a quick drive-by on Monday evening revealed site scrape had taken place! A re-visit this afternoon… Continue reading Week 1 (20-25 June 2016)

We have a porta-loo!!

Who would have thought that the site of a porta-loo could instill such feelings of joy and relief!! After 18 months of planning and deliberating and mind-changing, and more planning, and more mind-changing, discussions, arguments, tears, frustration and excitement, it was mostly relieving, but also joyous to finally see a temporary fence and porta-loo on… Continue reading We have a porta-loo!!