Back to 2016 & living in our home

It sure ain’t easy living without internet for two weeks in 2016!

It’s been a while since I was able to update my blog with my last post about handover and this one, and that’s all thanks to Telstra’s pretty crappy service.

Even though I had been very diligent and called up to arrange internet connection to be provided the day we moved in a whole month before we needed it, they called to cancel my appointment the day before they were meant to attend. That meant we had to go almost three weeks without any internet connection or phone. We had to make do with using copious amounts of our mobile phone data by hot-spotting and racked up some pretty enormous bills. First world problem, I know. But the main issue was our lack of a phone which meant that effectively our alarm wouldn’t work. Not such a big deal to some, but our home had already been broken into twice during the build, so much so that Porter Davis had installed a security camera in our home, so to then live there with all our possessions and no alarm for protection was pretty ordinary.

Anyway, that’s all fixed now, so enough about that, and we are back in 2016 with superfast broadband via the NBN, and it’s pretty great!!

The week after handover we had our flooring installed. We were originally told by the flooring store that our installation would take 2-3 days, but unfortunately one of the installers failed to show up, so one lone installer took over 7 days to complete our flooring. He did a fantastic job and I really felt for him having to complete such a massive job by himself. It also felt a bit wrong from a health and safety perspective. Anyway it also meant that we had to push back our curtain installation another week and so had to move in without window coverings, which was a bit of a pain seeing we’d lined it all up so we could have curtains before we moved in, but nothing that we couldn’t manage. And at least we were still able to move in on the day that we planned!

So the flooring went in, then we moved in, then the hot water service was put in along with the control panels for the ducted heating and evaporative cooling. When we went to connect our TVs we discovered that Porter Davis had missed on of the aerial points, but they came back in a couple of days to fix that.

We bought heaps of furniture for our new home prior to moving in and had arranged delivery of it for either just before or just after we moved in. Glad I did that, as we’re still missing a few key pieces (like a cabinet for the TV in our bedroom and some bedroom furniture for our son) but we’ve been so busy moving in, unpacking and getting the home ready that there has been very little time to go shopping for the extra things that we need. I’m glad that we at least have all of the essentials for now.

Here are some photos of the finished product around 3 weeks after we moved in with the flooring, window coverings most of our furniture and 90% of boxes unpacked (let’s see how long it takes us to get around to that final 10%, hopefully less than the five years it took last time we moved). Such a nice feeling to finally be able to see everything that I have been trying to picture in my head for the last 18 months. It’s become apparent that it’s a real mish-mash of styles, industrial, provincial, mid-century -I guess I’ve taken all the bits I really love from everything that’s out right now and created my own style, and I just absolutely love it! Along with my favourite colour blue, which I have incorporated in every room of the house somehow, I’ve also ended up injecting some touches of pink by picking up on the copper accents in the feature lighting, which was unexpected but I think works well and helps to make the home feel warmer.  I’ve been careful to limit any of the in-vogue colours such as the pink and copper, to items that are not permanent or expensive and can be easily changed down the track if we get sick of them (such as floor rug, throw rugs, cushions and light fittings). Having said that, I have always loved rose-gold (I’ve been wearing the same pair of rose-gold earings almost every day for over 10 years) and am rapt that you can find copper and rose home accessories right now, so I will probably continue to love them even if they do go out of fashion. Really starting to feel like our home now. Just needs a few more little knick-knacks and personal touches (some of which are in those few remaining unpacked boxes) and it will really feel like home.

Also just waiting for a driveway!!!




Laundry and entry:


Living area:




Kitchen & walk-in pantry




Master bedroom:






The study/home for unpacked boxes:



3 thoughts on “Back to 2016 & living in our home

  1. wow! your house looks like a display home (in a good way) but super warm and inviting. Well done on the furniture and the decor!! I love the vintage suitcases in the dinning area, do you remember where you got it from?


  2. Hi, thanks for the feedback about the house. We’re really happy we have a home that reflects our style, taste and lifestyle! Sorry, I bought those suitcases around 10 years ago.. they weren’t all that common back then either!!

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  3. House looks amazing. We built with porter Davis too. The experience wasn’t too bad. I have a post on my. Log regarding it if you want to have a look . X


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