Week 19: 24-28 October


Could hardly believe we would finally be taking possession of our new home this week, before the scheduled 20 weeks and with enough time for us to finish everything we need so that we can move in before settlement of our current home on 15 November! With my birthday on 19 October and my husband’s on 30 October, it was a fantastic birthday gift for us both.

Our final inspection was on Friday 28 October and we were really happy to be taking possession even though there were still a few minor things that needed to be addressed. Overall we were really happy with the quality of the build and the finishes, baring a few areas where the painting is a little ordinary (such as the inside edge of internal doors).

As we are doing our own flooring there will still be another week before the home needs to be 100% ready for us to move in and none of the items that need to be addressed would get in the way of that – well, except for the lack of hot water system, which it is general practice to install on the actual day you move in anyway!

Here are some pics that we took on the handover day. Really can’t wait to see it with the flooring now, thinking it will really warm up the house and make it feel much more like a home.

Our master bedroom and ensuite:


The Master’s bedroom (as opposed to the master bedroom):


The kitchen, walk-in pantry and living /dining area:


The main bathroom:


Rumpus room:



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