Week 18: 17-21 October 2016

It’s time for our Practical Completion Inspection

There wasn’t too much progress on our house this week as most things had been finished in preparation for our Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) on Friday.I did notice that our flyscreens and kitchen tap were installed during the week.

Our PCI took place on Friday morning. All-in-all we were really happy with the quality of the build. There are quite a few touch-ups to joinery and painting, and the feature walls need to be painted. Other than that, the only things we need to be finished or corrected are:

  • black glass switches to be added to the kitchen
  • translucent film to be added to the glass sliders that were incorrectly installed in our ensuite, WIR and WIP so you can’t see through the glass
  • tiling around the garage facade needs to be completed
  • a few small spots where the mortar needs to be filled in
  • stacker door needs to be adjusted and a missing rubber is still to be installed
  • garage entry door needs to be replaced as it has quite a few scratches
  • fill in some small holes that have been made in the garage slab
  • oven tower correction needs to be finished

As you can see it’s really not a huge list, so we’re really hoping it can all be completed in the next week and we can go ahead with handover on 28 October as planned.


2 thoughts on “Week 18: 17-21 October 2016

  1. Hi i have been reading your blog. its was very useful. we have PCI soon i just want to know did you use a independent inspector? thank you in advance


    1. Hi glad to hear you have been enjoying the blog! We didn’t use an independent inspector as we have built with PD before and were happy with the quality. It turned out ok for us as no real major issues so far, but I guess not everyone has the same experience!!


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