Week 16: 3 – 7 October 2016

So close and yet still so far!

This will be a short blog post and there was little progress this week while we wait for one pane of glass to be installed in our stacker door – which was meant to be completed eight weeks ago. With no firm date for delivery of this glass, it’s really frustrating to be so close to the finish line, yet still not have any idea of when our house will be completed.

On the positive side, our front render has been completed, so the facade is almost complete.

On the negative side, someone accessed our house during the week and either deliberately or accidentally left the bath tap running, with the nozzle pointed out of the bath, so our bathroom and two bedrooms flooded during the week. Industrial heaters were installed and it seems the flood didn’t spread too far. We’ll inspect closely to see if there has been any damage to our skirtings and plaster when we get to our PCI.

Although we’re disappointed with how things are going at the moment, it was still nice to get a proper view of our facade with the removal of the construction fencing and temporary toilet!



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