Week 14: 19-23 September

The vision is slowly coming to life!

With significant progress made on tiling throughout the house this week, stone bench-tops, mirrors and plumbing fittings installed, I can finally start to see the vision for our home coming for life.

After only being able to imagine what the finished home will look like for the last 18 months, it was fantastic this week to see it all coming together.

14-weeks in and it looks like we are so close to the finishing line, though there are a couple of hiccups (waiting for products to be delivered) which threaten to delay our home’s completion. I am really hoping that these issues get sorted out in the next week so we can move on to completing the finishing touches and get our PCI inspection done soon!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on our build and so far, it’s not looking like there will be any major issues to be fixed at PCI (fingers crossed) as we have picked up a few minor things along the way here and there which have already been addressed.

Once the tiling is completed, there is some painting to be finished off (both inside and outside) and internal door furniture to be installed. Other than that, it looks like we are pretty much done…

Tiling around the garage facade:

The kitchen starting to look like a real kitchen now:

The walk-in pantry (just might be my favourite room in the whole house):

The bathroom coming together:




2 thoughts on “Week 14: 19-23 September

  1. We are doing our bathroom in the same tile, floor to ceiling also except ours is matte. Our bathroom is the same layout too, so now I can picture what it will look like!
    We wanted the shelf under the mirror but weren’t given the option although we asked. A few things we didn’t get options for now we look back, like tiling portico, shower drains, changing mirror sizes ect.
    Your kitchen is looking great!


    1. How cool, glad you can get an idea of what your tiles will look like! Yeah, shelf under the mirror in the bathroom was displayed in the London so we requested it – only cost $187. When we asked for same shelf in ensuite, we were quoted $600-odd, even though it would be a shorter length, so we let that go – wishing we had put it in now!!


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