Window furnishings delight!

Decisions, decisions…

After weeks of deliberating over what colour and style of window furnishings to put into our new home, I was looking forward to finalising my selections and locking everything in this week.

I was 100% certain what window furnishings I wanted in every room of the house except for our large open area. With three different sized windows, including a 5.4m stacker door, it proved a little bit of a challenge to come up with window furnishings that would look great and be practical. After considering many options, including roller blinds and luxaflex pirouette shades, with and without pelmets, and in all sorts of colours and fabrics, I stuck with my original plan to put plain roman blinds on all of the windows in this area. The romans will provide a neat and subdued backdrop to our main living area, allowing our furniture to pop (did I mention we have ordered a pair of sky-blue couches), while complimenting the window dressings in the rest of the house.

Through the process we obtained quotes from Dollar Curtains and Blinds in Niddrie, David Rice Interiors in Hoppers Crossing and A & B Interiors in Williamstown. One thing that is really frustrating when trying to organise curtains and blinds is the inconsistency in pricing and advice. Where one supplier was more cost effective than another on timber shutters, for example, their roman or roller blinds costs would be significantly higher, and vice versa. It was also really hard to tell if you were comparing apples with apples when obtaining different quotes due to everyone having a different opinion of what and cannot work. I tried really hard to request quotes for similar fabrics and blinds from each supplier, but it proved almost impossible.

In the end, we went with David Rice Interiors as we had used them previously in our current house and were happy with the price, the advice that they provided and the quality of the end product. In addition, the consultant who assisted us in both our current and new home was really helpful and patient and seemed to understand what kind of look we were trying to achieve and what would suit the furniture we were putting into our new house!

Our window covering selections:

Main bedroom (2x 50cmx210cm windows and 1x 150cmx210cm window): White roller blinds with Nettex Mira Sheers in Pearl.

Bed 2 & 4 (each has 1x 240cmx50cm highlight window): Roman blinds in Warwick Cassia Persian.

Bed 3 (1x 180cmx120xm window): White timber shutters – these will be against a dark blue/grey feature wall.

Laundry (150cmx210cm sliding door): Roller blind in charcoal.

Rumpus (2x 240cmx120cm windows): White timber shutters- these will be against a dark blue/grey feature wall.

Walk-in Pantry (1x 120cmx100cm window): White timber shutters.

Dining, Family and Study (1x 540cmx210cm stacker door, 1x 120cmx210xm fixed window, 1x 180cmx210cm window): Roman blinds in Warwick Harper Rice. The stacker door will have 3 separate roman blinds, each around 180cm wide.

 Nettex Mira in Pearl, Warwick Cassia in Persian and Warwick Harper in Rice:

Hopefully these fabrics will complement our other colour choices:



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