Week 13: 12 – 16 September 2016

Our ensuite vanity is back!!

This week provided a pleasant surprise with the reinstatement of our ensuite vanity cabinet.

Along with the replacement vanity being installed in our ensuite after someone attempted to steal it a few weeks ago, we also noticed that a few faulty cabinet doors in our laundry and kitchen were also replaced this week.

It was exciting to see the garage door installed so we now have what looks like an almost complete house from the front! I’m pretty sure some work on the render should have happened this week, but the torrential rain on most days has probably pushed this back. Tiling also began this week and looks like it will be finished in the next week, as pretty good progress has been made so far.

We’re now busying ourselves getting things that we need to do ourselves after handover in order. Things like our driveway, backyard landscaping and window coverings! Locked in all window coverings this week after meeting with Jan from David Rixe on site on Tuesday. Jean helped us out with some curtains in our current house and provided some really great advice at the right price, so it was a no-brainer to go with her again for our new home, although we did get some indicative quotes from other suppliers along the way. I will provide an overview of our window coverings selections in a separate post!

Vanity cabinet reinstated in the ensuite!
Tiling in progress in the ensuite


Laundry tiling in progress:

Front porch tiling
Garage door is installed!


Sneak peak at inside now that most of the painting done:


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