Week 12: 4 – 9 Sep 2016

And the beat goes on…

Progress continues on the internal components and we chug along through the second and final leg of our build journey!

This week we took a giant step forward with 90% of the painting completed. Looks to me like the only outstanding painting to be completed is the feature walls, a final gloss coat to be added to the daddo paneling and some touch-ups here and there! After much sleepless nights and dreams about being unhappy with the main wall paint-colour I am over the moon with how it turned out. I had initially been concerned about taking the colour consultant’s advice on a whim to paint the main walls “winter mushroom”, but it’s turned out to be a really beautiful colour. A cool white that is still very bright, while still contrasting against the very white, white of the architraves and skirtings!

We stumbled across a bunch of electricians busily installing our electrical fittings when we stopped by on Saturday morning. It was great as we were able to specify exact placement of pendant lights over our kitchen bench as well as correct some small errors regarding downlight placement in a couple of areas. And we can add water-proofing to the list of completed items, all ready to be dressed with the small mountain of tiles that has arrived and is now sitting in our living space.

All-in-all a productive week!!

Water-proofing in the ensuite:


Some small snippets of painting completed in the main bedroom and laundry. Waiting for the daddo paneling to get its final coat of gloss white and the area above it to be painted a light blue:

Our tiles have arrived. Can’t wait to see them laid, especially in the kitchen:




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