Week 11: 29 Aug to 2 Sep 2016

Somebody stole our vanity!

The week started off a little sadly with the discovery that someone had stolen our freshly installed ensuite vanity over the weekend.

After the joy of seeing all cabinetry neatly in place on Friday night, it was very disheartening to see the ensuite in a state of disarray just the very next day!

Ensuite vanity – there one minute, gone the next!

Porter Davis have re-ordered the unit and say there shouldn’t be any impact to our build timeline – unfortunately it seems these types of incidents are pretty commonplace these days!

It was a week of invisible progress, though we were told by our Site Supervisor in a meeting on Tuesday that works were taking place. A lot of small patching up and fixing small issues that weren’t really all that visible has taken place. I did notice though that plaster had been placed under the eaves. And we had a good walk through with our SS on Tuesday and settled on the final location for placement of the pendant lights going over our kitchen bench.

Looking forward to seeing the painting completed next week!


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