Week 14: 19-23 September

The vision is slowly coming to life! With significant progress made on tiling throughout the house this week, stone bench-tops, mirrors and plumbing fittings installed, I can finally start to see the vision for our home coming for life. After only being able to imagine what the finished home will look like for the last… Continue reading Week 14: 19-23 September

Window furnishings delight!

Decisions, decisions… After weeks of deliberating over what colour and style of window furnishings to put into our new home, I was looking forward to finalising my selections and locking everything in this week. I was 100% certain what window furnishings I wanted in every room of the house except for our large open area.… Continue reading Window furnishings delight!

Week 13: 12 – 16 September 2016

Our ensuite vanity is back!! This week provided a pleasant surprise with the reinstatement of our ensuite vanity cabinet. Along with the replacement vanity being installed in our ensuite after someone attempted to steal it a few weeks ago, we also noticed that a few faulty cabinet doors in our laundry and kitchen were also… Continue reading Week 13: 12 – 16 September 2016

Week 12: 4 – 9 Sep 2016

And the beat goes on… Progress continues on the internal components and we chug along through the second and final leg of our build journey! This week we took a giant step forward with 90% of the painting completed. Looks to me like the only outstanding painting to be completed is the feature walls, a… Continue reading Week 12: 4 – 9 Sep 2016

Week 11: 29 Aug to 2 Sep 2016

Somebody stole our vanity! The week started off a little sadly with the discovery that someone had stolen our freshly installed ensuite vanity over the weekend. After the joy of seeing all cabinetry neatly in place on Friday night, it was very disheartening to see the ensuite in a state of disarray just the very… Continue reading Week 11: 29 Aug to 2 Sep 2016