Week 7: 1 to 5 August 2016

And we have reached lock-up, well sort of!

This week was just about the most fun to witness yet. As every day we watched our bricks snaking up and around our future abode, our London24 really started to look like a house.

The week was topped off with a call from our Site Supervisor at 3pm on Friday to say that the bricks had been completed and with the boutique stacker door being installed as we spoke, lock-up stage would be achieved by the end of the day! AMAZING!!

A visit on Saturday revealed that the door had in fact been installed, but with one panel of glass missing I don’t think we can qualify for lock-up just yet!! I had been longing to see the stacker door, one of my favourite features of the house installed, and it definitely did not disappoint!

With the stacker door, temporary external doors, bath surround and sliding door framing installed, along with the brickwork being completed, it really feels like the house has taken a significant step closer to being complete this week.

I guess this means we can look forward to the temporary fencing being removed and finally getting a clear view of the house.

Everything so far seems neat, tidy and on-spec. Can’t wait to see the plaster going up next week – have booked in a site visit for Tuesday which is when the plastering is meant to begin.

Brick-laying in progress on Wednesday 3 August:


View of the facade on Sat 6 Aug – the only parts that will remain as the brick finish are the two pillars, rest of front will be rendered and around the garage will be tiled:

Front of the house showing bricks complete

Some of the cavity sliding door framing (ensuite left and rumpus right):

The bathroom:


The marvelous boutique stacker door:



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