Week 10: 22-26 August 2016

Kitchen Week!! Our kitchen has been installed – woo-hoo!! So happy to see progress on our house is continuing with all cabinetry installed this week! Bathroom cabinet & shelf- check! Ensuite cabinet – check! Kitchen cabinets & shelves – check! Walk in pantry cabinet and bench-top – check! Laundry cabinet and bench-top – check! It’s… Continue reading Week 10: 22-26 August 2016

Week 9: 15-19 August 2016

Our second lock-up week! Our second week of lock-up started out a little disappointingly with the news that our kitchen, which was meant to be installed and delivered this week, would not be ready for delivery for another week or so! Nevertheless, the fine weather this week allowed for some progress on the externals, with… Continue reading Week 9: 15-19 August 2016

Week 8: 8 to 12 August 2016

Lock-up in action! The week started positively with a small celebration at work to mark my five years with the company, where I received the gift of a blue-ray media player, which will be staying inside it’s box until we arrive in our new abode! Tuesday improved on that, when during a meeting with our… Continue reading Week 8: 8 to 12 August 2016