Week 6: 24 to 30 July 2016

Here come the bricks!

A busy week, pretty ordinary weather and the expectation that there wouldn’t be much action on our build, meant that I managed to stay away from our new-home site all week.

Having missed our Site Supervisor’s call on Friday evening, I was eager to go and take a peak on Saturday morning and see what work had been completed during the week. So after picking up my parents from the airport following their return from a trip to Malta and dropping them off at home in Caroline Springs we headed 5 mins down the freeway to Woodlea, the place we will soon call home!

And that might be sooner than we had hoped. We snuck inside and were amazed to see that lots of work seemed to have been completed this week. From what I could see:

  • sisalation had been wrapped around the frame
  • electrical rough-in was done
  • ducted heating and evaporative cooling were installed
  • shower bases were built
  • bricks had been delivered and started to be laid.

It was quite fun looking at all the ducting snaking around the ceiling, like lots of Will Robinson’s robot’s arms!! And very happy with our choice of bricks – Austral Homestead Tan. I had been worried that they wouldn’t be dark enough but they look just perfect!

Bricks delivered and starting to go up!


Ensuite making good progress!

Ensuite shower base, more plumbing roughed in


The ducts snaking around the inside of our ceiling along with lots of electrical wiring!


Our London 24 six weeks into the build!




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