Build timeline

A step-by-step record of each stage involved in building our London24,  from securing land to moving in!

Land procurement and home selection timeline:

  • May 2015: Pay initial deposit to secure land.
  • Jan 2016: Pay initial deposit Porter Davis for the London 24.
  • Mar 2016: Land titled and settled.
  • 17 Mar 2016: Porter Davis World of Style colour selections appointment.
  • 31 Mar 2016: Porter Davis contract signed.
  • 20 June 2016: Move to site start.

Home construction time line:


  • Week 1: Site scrape.
  • Week 2: Slab preparations.



  • Week 3: Slab pour.
  • Week 4: Frame completed.
  • Week 5: Fascia, gutter & roofing installed. Plumbing roughed-in.
  • Week 6: Electrical roughed-in, sisalation, ducted heating & evaporative cooling installed, shower bases built, bricks delivered, brick laying started.



  • Week 7: Bricks laid, stacker door installed, LOCK-UP stage completed.
  • Week 8: Plaster and cornices installed.
  • Week 9: First coat of render applied, bricks cleaned, architraves, skirting, doors and daddo paneling installed.
  • Week 10: Cabinetry installed.



  • Week 11: Patching and tidying of plaster and woodwork in preparation for painting.
  • Week 12: Painting 90% complete, electrical fit-off, water-proofing. Tiles delivered.
  • Week 13: Garage door installed, tiling commenced, stolen cabinetry re-instated.
  • Week 14: Benchtops and plumbing fixtures installed.
  • Week 15: Front door painted and majority of tiling completed.


  • Week 16: Render completed. Temporary fencing and toilet removed from site. Door knobs installed. House flooded due to someone leaving on a tap in the bathroom with the nozzle pointing out of the bath.
  • Week 17: Missing glass installed in stacker door.
  • Week 18: Fly screens and kitchen tap installed. Practical Completion Inspection.



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