Pokemon hunting and more – a most productive Saturday

Thank you Nintendo!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Nintendo for creating Pokemon Go, and for making the most boring of tasks to a 9-year-old (browsing for homewares and furnishings for our new house) at least bearable!

Armed with the game in hand, we set out on Saturday morning with a list of places to go, people to see and to catch ’em all! And what a productive day we had!

Enticed by the thought of venturing closer to the city, where pokestops and exotic species were sure to abound, meant that even the shortest of stature in our family were happy to be running errands (for a change).

First stop, drive-by the new house to find out roof and windows had been installed (yay!).

Then it was off to Floorworld to order the flooring for our new home. We settled on the Sensa laminate flooring in Laos and were even able to get the quad painted white rather than stained to match the flooring. After being told in a different store that white quads were not possible, I was over the moon to discover the store where we made our final purchase did in fact offer white quads! This way, the quad will look more like an extension of the architrave and definitely blend in much better where the floorboards will meet my white kitchen (double-yay!).

Then it was off to Collingwood to stop into Warwick Fabrics and then Schots Home Emporium. The visit to Warwick was productive in the sense that it gave me lots more ideas for re-upholstering our couches and window coverings for our new home. I left the store feeling a little overwhelmed, but after mulling over all the choices for a few hours I think it has left me with the perfect plan, which of course is totally different to what I had in mind walking into the showroom! Just means I’ll have to pay another visit, or get busy ordering more samples on line!!!

At Schots Home Emporium we actually surprisingly purchased some pendant lights. I was only planning on having a little look-see, but when I saw these lights, they just seemed perfect so didn’t want to risk not being able to find them in a couple of months. I had never seen anything like them before and think they are the perfect match for our home. We purchased two of the smaller versions for over our kitchen bench, and one of the larger versions for a corner in our rumpus room. The variety of goods available at Schots is just out of this world and I am sure I’ll be back there again! The added bonus of the cafe was a relief, as by the time we got there at 1.30pm, we were all starving from the browsing (and Pokemon hunting).

pendant light
The pendant lights that will go over kitchen bench (smaller version) and in the rumpus.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the Pokemon-hunting expedition was also very successful. We now have a very happy camper with maxed-out storage (so too many pokeballs, potions, eggs etc.. than he knows what to do with), a rare Clefairy and who leveled-up from level 7 to level 9. The only upset of the day was when an Abra escaped right next to our new home! The cheek of it!






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