Week 5: 18 to 23 July 2015

And we have a roof!

This week started out positively with a call to our site supervisor on Monday morning to set up a walk through frame inspection for Wednesday morning.

The appointment on Wednesday went really well. Our Site Supervisor was really knowledgeable, thorough and  seemed to care genuinely about delivering a quality result for his customers. I don’t think we could have asked for a better SS!

He walked me through our entire home with the plans, pointing out key features that were different from the standard to make sure that they had interpreted the drawings correctly and that our expectations actually reflected what was in the drawings to start with!

He noted that the bathroom door opening had been made to wide and was to be adjusted from 820mm to 720mm to match the WC door opposite. Other than that, everything looked to be exactly as per our plans and our expectations. The only possible delay we were facing was delivery of our windows, as the delivery date was a little up in the air due to some teething issues with the supplier’s new computer system.

So, while we were there on Wednesday morning, there was a team on-site installing the fascia and gutters. A drive by on Thursday night revealed fascia and gutters had been installed AND THAT OUR WINDOWS HAD ACTUALLY BEEN DELIVERED THAT DAY! And, that the people in the block behind us had also started their site scrape. This is great, as it means all our direct neighbours’ homes are being constructed concurrently and we’ll have our own little community in the sparsely-populated Woodlea estate.

house frame with gutters and faschia
Gutters, fascia and scaffolding installed on 21 July 2016
We were prepared for a delay but our windows were delivered on time and were sitting on site ready for installation on 21 July

A drive by on windy Saturday morning and we were greeted by the site of our colourbond roof 90% installed and team of happy chaps doing their best to finish-off the installation despite the challenging weather conditions. Windows had all been installed, except for the stacker door at the back. It’s starting to look more and more like a real home!

house with gutters, fascia and roof
Roof and windows have been installed! So happy with our selection of the Monument roof, gutter & fascia and black window frames!
roof windows installed back view.
View of the back of the house with the roof and windows installed! I guess I won’t be able to get these back-of-the-house views when our back neighbours frame starts to go up in a few weeks!

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