Flooring dilemma solved!!

Today we had a breakthrough regarding our flooring.

While I was really happy with the oak tones of the two laminate flooring choices we had narrowed it down to (Godfrey Hirst Belle in Summit Oak Natural and Quickstep Eligna Wide in Reclaimed Chestnut Natural), hubby and I really wanted something with more of a rustic feel but were having trouble finding that rustic look in a colour we liked.

During a visit to Floorworld today finally found the perfect flooring for us – Sensa Laminate Colonial Vintage in Laos. It’s a natural oak toned laminate with white and dark marks and a very realistic embossed finish that will give us the rustic feel we are after, while the tones still fit in nicely with our overall scheme and other colours already selected for our home! Decision made, phew!!

Our initial choices:

The flooring we have finally decided on for our London24:

sensa laminate flooring
Sensa Colonial Vintage laminate flooring in Laos.
Our London24 Mood Board

3 thoughts on “Flooring dilemma solved!!

  1. I LOVE your new floor choice & am a tad jeleous! It will look amazing!!
    Do you remember roughly what the Metricon merricks price point was? We are having issues with porter Davis over our land & how our house now doesn’t fit!


    1. That’s disappointing to hear they’re saying your house won’t fit on your land – surely this could have been picked up earlier? By contract, price for Merricks was around $360k mark. This didn’t include flooring, but we did have some pretty pricey upgrades in there such as Cat 4 benchtops, nicer staircase, 9ft ceilings downstairs etc.. Good luck either way, let me know how you go with PD or M!!


      1. We ended up shortening the house 1/2m and it now fits… Albeit with a 10m long driveway 😁 Not looking forward to that quote!! It’s a bit annoying as we had bought the land with the SC sighting final engineering and saying it would fit, if we’d known we would have bought a larger block.. Anyway it’s a better option to shorten it a bit & have a smaller backyard that to change to a double story


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