Week 3 -4 to 8 July 2016

The slab has arrived!

This week started a little disappointingly  with the promised slab pour set for Monday delayed due to rain.

Interestingly, Monday was a gorgeously sunny day and our neighbour’s slab pour went ahead, but PD delayed ours, presumably because of the wet weather forecast for the rest of the week. We had doubts that the slab pour would even take place on Friday, as it rained solidly on Tues, Wed and Thurs. But whoever schedules the slab pours for Porter Davis must have psychic powers or an inside connection to the bureau of meteorology because come Friday morning, the clouds broke, the sun was shining and our spirits lifted!

Sure enough, a drive past on Saturday morning revealed the magnificent appearance of slightly-still-wet cement in what was a mud-pit just days earlier! The sun was still out on Saturday so hopefully Porter Davis’ plans will work out and the slab will dry out nicely in the winter sun.

Now we can look forward to paying the first installment invoice this week! Let the fun and games of the build begin!


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