Flooring dilemmas

With the luxury of too much choice and installing our own flooring in our new home after handover, I am now facing two dilemmas.

First dilemma- which laminate flooring to go with? I initially had my heart set on Godfrey Hirst Belle Laminate in Summit Oak Natural and this is the sample that I took along when doing my colour selections at World of Style. There is something about the tones of this flooring that really speaks to me, but I think not being able to view it in a large sample is making me hesitant.

Then I stumbled across Quick-Step Eligna Wide in Reclaimed Chestnut Natural, which has more of a worn-in, rustic look. I was lucky enough to view quite a large sample of this laid and it looks really great, almost like real floorboards.

I think both of these boards would suit our home, just not sure whether either brand has a better reputation/quality and which one would look better. They are both 8mm laminate flooring and similar price point.

Photos of each of the options in store – Godfrey Hirst on left, Quick-Step on right.

internal colours
Internal colour selections (includes our own flooring sample which we brought into World of Style)

Second dilemma – So once we’ve decided which laminate flooring to go with, the second dilemma is whether or not we should we tile the kitchen and main living area? Our son has a dust allergy so initial plans were to have laminate flooring throughout (except for wet areas), which would provide a nice continuous flow through the home.

But as our home’s design is such that all bedrooms are at the front and the main open area living spaces are at the back, I thought it could suit having different flooring in the back area – similar to older smaller homes that have been extended. Placing tiles in the kitchen and main living areas would mainly ease my concerns that the laminate flooring may not be able to withstand my clumsy and messy cooking, dish-washing spillage and the strains of general life – pulling dining chairs in and out, xbox controllers, TV remotes & cutlery being dropped etc.. While I like to take care of my home, I don’t want to be literally tip-toeing around on eggshells in my main living areas (they are called living areas for a reason) for fear of scratching or wetting laminate!!

If we do tile the back area as per the below drawing, I would use the 600×300 Promenade Greige tile from National Tiles that we are already using in the wet areas, in the portico and around the garage facade. We also plan to use these tiles in the outside living space once we have move in, so the matching flooring it would make a nice transition between inside and outside. But then we would lose the flow that having timber laminate flooring through the entire home would give us… AAAhhh, the choices!!!

floor plan flooring
Our second dilemma – whether or not we should actually tile the open living areas at the rear of our home.
promenade greige tile
The Promenade Greige 300x600mm tile.

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