Upgrade pricing

Thought I’d provide some helpful advice on some of our additional upgrade pricing. I remember struggling to find good info on PD pricing while we were in the selections process and pre-contract stage.

Bear in mind this is for the London 24, so one of the smaller PD homes. I expect some prices would increase as the squareage increases (e.g. bricks, roofing etc..).

These are the main upgrade options we selected.  Many options that we were required to have due to our estate covenants (such as higher ceilings) were included in the Porter Davis promotions (distinctive style, kitchen pro and seize the dream packs).

Pricing for kitchen upgrades have been included in the kitchen plans post.

Main upgrade pricing:

  • 2100mm high x 5400mm wide Aluminum boutique stack sliding door to family rear wall: $4311
  •  2340mm high x 920mm wide Madison 101 (PMAD101) primed front entry door with translucent glazing in lieu of standard 2140mm high x 820 mm wide door: $741
  • 2340mm high flush panel grooved cavity sliding door in lieu of standard opening (ie no door there to begin with): $509
  • Increase height of all internal doors from 2140mm high to 2340mm high: $1232
  • Deadlatch nexion vision glide 4 lever to front entry; $176
  • 67mm wide x 12mm thick Australian Colonial architrave through entire house in lieu of standard 42mm wide: $114
  •  92mm high x 12mm thick Australian Colonial skirting through entire house in lieu of standard 67mm high: $123
  • 2340mm high x 820mm wide Corinthian PMODG2 internal door with clear glazing in lieu of standard flush panel door: $638
  • Category 3 Homestead Tan Austral Bricks: $1217
  • Colourbond downpipes in lieu of zincalume: $423
  • Additional colourbond roofing to cover extended London version: $137
  • 425mmx425mm tiled niche to shower: $176
  • 1200mm high dado paneling with rail, to entry/garage wall and master bedroom external wall: $1126
  • Laundry cabinet option 2 with laminate cabinet and stainless steel trough: $569
  • Laundry overhead cabinet option 4 (4 doors): $599
  • Laminate shelf in bathroom (above vanity): $185
  • Electrical including downlights, additional powerpoints, light points, antenna etc..: $5998
  • Double undermount sink to kitchen: $417
  • Posh dominique close coupled toilets: $17 ea
  • Mizu Drift round semi-insert basin: $78ea
  • Bastow Georgian basin mixer $213ea
  • Extend mirror in bathroom: $101
  • Painted feature walls x3 rooms (5 walls in total): $495
  • Tile upgrades, including floor to ceiling tiles in bathroom and ensuite (cat 1), upgrade wet area floor tiles to promenade greige 600×300, adding two tiled feature walls in kitchen/pantry, adding a tiled splashback to other pantry elevations, promenade greige 33×600 tiles to facade (front of garage) and adding same tiles to portico floor: $4882.



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