Improving our current home

Like many people, we’re juggling building our new dream home with Porter Davis with updating, tidying, repairing and just generally improving our current home and preparing it for sale in the near future!

Our biggest challenge was our back yard. It used to look like a cottage-garden gone wild (literally)/urban jungle. While a green, lush manicured garden is wonderfully beautiful to look at, it’s not something many busy people these days have time to maintain (hence its “gone wild/urban jungle” current state). So we took a no-holds barred approach to tidying it up.

The first step was to pull out most of the overgrown plants earlier this year, and for the first time we could actually see our fence! Next step, which we completed this week, was to remove the large (around 2mx4m) messy and potentially dangerous pond, and cover the yard in instant turf.

What a turnaround. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the garden before we pulled out all the plants and showing the pond – you’ll just have to believe me about how awful it truly was! All that’s left now is to paint the fence and weed and refresh the garden beds.

garden dug up
Garden with old turf pulled up and pond filled in. The pond took up the area to the right, where the garden bed ends to the start of our pergola, and ran all the way to the path you can see.

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