We have a porta-loo!!

Who would have thought that the site of a porta-loo could instill such feelings of joy and relief!!

After 18 months of planning and deliberating and mind-changing, and more planning, and more mind-changing, discussions, arguments, tears, frustration and excitement, it was mostly relieving, but also joyous to finally see a temporary fence and porta-loo on our site!

It looks like construction might just start tomorrow as we were told! Hubby and I just can’t wait to see our home grow. And it looks like our neighbour’s construction will be happening concurrently, as they too are lucky enough to have a porta-loo and temporary fencing on their block!

Stay tuned for more progress updates this week, as long as there isn’t too much rain!!! Oh well, we are building in the middle of winter in Melbourne, a little rain is to be expected!

block land
Our block of land in Woodlea, with a porta-loo & temporary fencing!!!

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