Our plans

Here are the plans for our London 24. We went for the Grand Family option, which provides a little more room in the living/dining open area, so you can even fit in a spot for a desk if you so desire. We love entertaining, so this option provides us with the flexibility to host larger family gatherings for our crazy maltese family!!

We pretty much stuck to the standard plan, just added in some sliding doors (there’s no way I could live without doors on the ensuite and pantry!) and an oven tower in the kitchen. We also went for the ensuite upgrade, which gives you a larger shower, fully utilising the space available and extended the ensuite vanity to give us some extra storage.

Oh, and one of my favourite features is the stacker door which takes up the whole back wall in the living/dining area. I’ve always wanted a home that opens right out onto the backyard like that!!

Site plan:

house siting
How our house will sit on our block. Block is 14m wide x 28m deep.

Internal plan:

internal plan
Final internal plan

We’ll probably lay our furniture out similar to how they have it set out in the London 24 display in Lucas, Ballarat, which is also the Grand Family option we are building:

living and dining layout
Living/Dining area in London 24 display in Lucas, Ballarat

This is how the ensuite will look like in real life (shower/vanity layout):

ensuite layout
Ensuite upgrade with larger shower. We’re also adding the ledge shelf that you can see in the shower and extending the vanity so that it meets the wall.




7 thoughts on “Our plans

  1. Hi, we are signing our contracts this weekend w PD, so exciting!
    Do you know how much the shower ledge & oven tower was to upgrade?


  2. Hi, we are signing contracts this weekend w PD, hopefully building in December. Can I ask what kind of upgrade cost the shower ledge/ shelf was? I think we are going with the same stone as you for bench tops, it’s hard not being able to see large samples though & the prices 😁. Love your selections


    1. Hi Taryn,

      The ledge wall cost an extra $402 and the oven tower in crystal gloss was $1050 (I guess this could change depending on what finish your cabinets are).

      On the benchtop, I think the classic kitchen in World of Style has the Lagoon (at least I think that’s what someone told me) and it cost us around $2k to upgrade to this from the Cat 1 stone in the promo for the kitchen (I thought this was quite reasonable). We’re sticking with the standard 20mm thickness though.

      Hope this helps, good luck on the weekend, it certainly is an exciting time!!! πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you, I must say, we had done a rough estimate on what we thought our upgrades would cost like the stone, upgrading our island bench, square set ceiling, stacker doors ect and all have been reasonably priced & cheaper than we’d thought they would be. Have you started building yet? Our sales consultant is at woodlea, the park is so good!


      2. Yeah, I was really pleasantly surprised at the upgrade costs for the most part. We haven’t technically started, site scrape was meant to happen today, obviously this was delayed by the rain 😦 Whereabouts are you building and which design?


      3. We are building the Randwick 24 in the ivy estate in Doreen, we have a 14m x 28/32m block, it was hard to find something that worked


  3. We were looking at the Randwick too – it’s a great design for a smaller block. In the end we went with the London because I preferred the kitchen, but the Randwick has great sized living areas! All the best with your appointment πŸ™‚


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