Building our London 24

Purchasing land and signing up to build the London 24 with Porter Davis

It’s been quite a journey to get here, but Porter Davis say they’re going to start construction on our home on Monday 20 June 2016. So I thought no better time to start a record of the process so we can look back on the entire process in future years!!

We’ve been planning this home since January 2015, so around 18 months. After visiting countless display homes, we put a deposit down on a block of land in Woodlea, a new estate in Melbourne’s west, back in May 2015. We were lucky enough to secure a block in stage 4 and couldn’t wait to start building our dream home there.

We initially signed up with Metricon to build the Mericks 37 in June 2015, but fell out of love with that home when dealing with Metricon became too difficult and overwhelming. During the long and arduous process of finalising small changes and selections for our home,  which took over five months, we realised we didn’t want to live in a double-story home after all, and pulled out of the Metricon build. I am sure the fact it was more than five months since we paid our initial deposit and we still didn’t have finalised plans for our home, definitely took the shine off the Merricks 37 in our eyes, which is a beautiful home – if you want a McMansion.

Merricks 37 kitchen
The Merricks 37 kitchen, one of my favourite features in this home.

But we also had a bit of a revelation during that five-month period. With only one child and both my husband and I being far from home-bodies and loving to get out and about on the weekends, we realised that a 37 square, double-story McMansion would actually cramp our style! I definitely didn’t want a tiny-house, but I didn’t want to spend my weekends cleaning rooms that we hardly ever used. I also like the fact that in our current 20 square house, you can always hear, and usually see, what everyone else is up to. It encourages a special closeness and communication (and it’s easier to keep an eye on what the kids are up to!). A home more suited to the three-person family that we are would also be more energy efficient and sustainable, and allow us to spend money on blinging it out with special fittings and features that would make our life more comfortable, rather than paying for additional square footage that we didn’t need.

So in December, it was back to the drawing board again, looking for a smaller, more cosy, single-story home that would foot on a 14mx28m block – not an easy feat, as most new home plans still seem to be designed for deeper blocks.

It wasn’t long before we stumbled onto the Porter Davis London 24, and after viewing the display in Armstrong in Geelong, we decided this was definitely the house for us. The London ticked nearly all of our boxes and having previously built a home with Porter Davis, we were confident that the build process would be smooth and that we would end up with a great quality home. Without any hesitation, we happily signed up to build with Porter Davis in January 2015.

London 24
London 24, image courtesy of Porter Davis. We’re trying to replicate this facade as closely as possible.



2 thoughts on “Building our London 24

  1. Hello! I just started reading your awesome blogs! I can very much relate to you as we’re supposed to build Vancouver 33. We are currently waiting for our block to settle which is expected May 2017 (previously March 2017). When we found out about the title delay we also postponed Vancouver 33. We have done everything already from putting down a $2k deposit to colour selections, basically the next step is tender and contract signing. Lucky we postponed it as my wife and I realized that 33 squares is way to big for the two of us at this stage of our lives. As the same as you guys, we both love to be out and about and away from home on weekends etc. On Saturday 7/1/17, we both agreed to build a smaller home instead and found London 24!! It looks nice and cosy and the size is just right. We will be checking out the display this weekend. I am still going through your blogs but just thought I’d send you a quick message as your blogs so far have convinced us to forget Vancouver 33 and go for London 24. I don’t know how this will go with PD but hopefully they will be okay with it…


  2. We loved the Vancouver as soon as we entered it – especially the kitchen. But now we absolutely love living in the London 24, and realise the Vancouver and other double-story homes we were considering were really way, way too big for what we need. We are only a family of three, so we have two spare rooms as it is in the London – one is a study which we hardly use because we also have a computer in the open family area “study” and the other is just used to store spare furniture and stuff. So with these two rooms as spare, the London 24 is more than enough space for us. We love that the main and minor bedrooms are very spacious, as well as the ensuite being just the right size. That’s what we love about the London, you get the luxury of the areas you live in being spacious enough without getting a massive mansion.

    We also had a couple of family functions for my son’s birthday recently and fit 15 people seated at tables in the open living area easily – could have had a few more people over!! The open space in the London 24 makes it really flexible for entertaining – we did get the extended option though.

    I guess it depends on how big you plan on your family being and how much space you need to store extra stuff that you own!! They are both beautiful homes!!


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