Flooring dilemmas

With the luxury of too much choice and installing our own flooring in our new home after handover, I am now facing two dilemmas. First dilemma- which laminate flooring to go with? I initially had my heart set on Godfrey Hirst Belle Laminate in Summit Oak Natural and this is the sample that I took… Continue reading Flooring dilemmas

Upgrade pricing

Thought I’d provide some helpful advice on some of our additional upgrade pricing. I remember struggling to find good info on PD pricing while we were in the selections process and pre-contract stage. Bear in mind this is for the London 24, so one of the smaller PD homes. I expect some prices would increase… Continue reading Upgrade pricing

Improving our current home

Like many people, we’re juggling building our new dream home with Porter Davis with updating, tidying, repairing and just generally improving our current home and preparing it for sale in the near future! Our biggest challenge was our back yard. It used to look like a cottage-garden gone wild (literally)/urban jungle. While a green, lush… Continue reading Improving our current home

Week 1 (20-25 June 2016)

Well, it was the first official week of our build and Melbourne turned on the crappy winter weather in all its glory! With so many rainy days, I wasn’t actually expecting to see much progress on our block. However, a quick drive-by on Monday evening revealed site scrape had taken place! A re-visit this afternoon… Continue reading Week 1 (20-25 June 2016)

What’s your favourite Porter Davis design?

In the 18 months we’ve been planning to build our own home in Woodlea, we contemplated many home designs. Of course, the design we would finally choose had to suit whatever land we managed to scoop up at Woodlea, so we kept an open mind. While we at times had our eyes on a Boutique… Continue reading What’s your favourite Porter Davis design?

We have a porta-loo!!

Who would have thought that the site of a porta-loo could instill such feelings of joy and relief!! After 18 months of planning and deliberating and mind-changing, and more planning, and more mind-changing, discussions, arguments, tears, frustration and excitement, it was mostly relieving, but also joyous to finally see a temporary fence and porta-loo on… Continue reading We have a porta-loo!!

Kitchen plans & pricing

In our family, the kitchen is most definitely the heart of the home. As an avid weekend baker, I love nothing better than spending time in the kitchen, rolling out dough and dishing out slow-baked dinners and batches of cookies. Most Porter Davis homes have generous¬† and practical kitchen designs (I’d say it’s one of… Continue reading Kitchen plans & pricing